Robert manages and implements the entire process for all of his clients.
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Robert Blaney

“Designing isn’t just a job to me; it’s a hobby and a personal passion. I believe my clients see that in me and in turn it enables them to have full confidence in the execution of their dream space.”

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Robert Blaney was born with a creative mind. Architecture, art and anything in the creative realm is what has captured Roberts’s attention from a young age. Throughout his schooling he would sketch and draw architectural drawings as if he was formally trained; a fore shadowing of what his love for architecture and design would lead to today.

“It’s about who the clients are, not about who I am.” To this end, Blaney’s goal is to give them what they want – a space that reflects their lifestyle and personal experiences. His willingness to explore innovative design styles delivers his interiors with distinctive flair.

Robert finds that his client’s involvement inspires his own creativity as a designer. The dynamics of the design process are fueled by his client’s enthusiasm and dreams. His challenge is to create spaces that allow the homeowner to experience a sense of renewal and excitement for years to come.

Robert began his education early, taking drafting courses in High school. He furthered his skills Post Secondary at the Emily Carr Institute for a short time until he landed, at a very young age, his dream job; a position at a well-known architecture firm in West Vancouver. At the early age of 21 Robert was involved in lavish Interior projects and multi-million dollar New Homes. It was a dream, come true!

“I would live in a glass house if I could,” says Blaney, who has a passion for transparent Architecture. It allows the home to have a seamless relationship with the surrounding nature and its inherent calming and soothing quality. Elemental materials – glass and water, natural rock, wood, metal and earth tones – are integrated in his interiors producing homes that are organically at one with nature.

With an intuitive appreciation for natural light, he designs spaces that allow for as much light as possible. In addition, he incorporates the greenery of the surrounding landscape, while maximizing privacy. Integrated with the neighborhood and the surrounding natural environment, these residences echo Blaney’s essential approach to design.

Today, Robert is managing and implementing the entire process for all of his clients. Thanks to Robert’s passion, drive and ambition in the industry, Robert will take on any of his client’s projects with confidence and commitment.


Robert Blaney May 29

Robert Blaney


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